The Troubled Ghosts of Motown’s Past & The Lonely Death of a French Street Artist.

Fredrick_Douglass_Housing_Project_Towers_2010Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

It was cool and cloudy in Detroit that day. There was a light rain that dusted the city with a wet sheen an hour before another body had been found. There were a total of four murders that day, all by gunshot. Even though the city had been enjoying a slow decline in crime; a strong 17% reduction in homicides since the year previous. The numbers certainly appear promising, but a close look at the details behind cold, anonymous crime stats, and that same glimmer of hope almost vanishes. On Monday, July 29, 2013, a 65 year old man was robbed at gunpoint while mowing his lawn. He got shot but luckily, survived. Later that night, a 46 year old male asked his neighbour to turn down his stereo. The resulting retort was a barrel of a gun, and a bullet that snuffed out another…

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